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The Blood brothers

The Blood Brothers is an American post-hardcore band from Seattle, Washington. Formed in 1997, the band consists of Johnny Whitney and Jordan Billie on vocals, Morgan Henderson on bass, Cody Votolato on guitar, and Mark Gajadhar on drums. The group officially separated in November 2007, and its members are now moving towards other projects. The group meets only for a few concerts at FYF Fest in 2014>.

Initially, the Blood Brothers are like a lot of bands, amateurs looking for their style. Being all friends from the time of high school, they are at first brought to their first concerts by their parents. Johnny Whitney gets punched in the face by a skinhead during their first tour.

Although since the style has evolved a lot their first album shows a group proposing metaphorical lyrics quite mysterious and a willingness to approach the music by its most chaotic and neurotic side. The first two albums This Adultery is Ripe and March on Electric Children are enjoying a resounding success, with their third album Burn Piano Island, Burn as the band goes to the next level. The album is produced by Ross Robinson, known for having propelled Korn and Limp Bizkit>. He still shows all his talent and intuition with bands like Glassjaw or At the Drive-In.

Burn Piano Island, Burn is a disc with good production and songs that, if they do not totally break with the style of the beginnings, clearly show an evolution with more posed pieces like Every Breath is a Bomb or more catchy like Ambulance vs. Ambulance. The record is criticized by some purists and fans of the first hours, but is generally well received.

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