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The Breeders

The Breeders is an American alternative rock band from Dayton, Ohio>. He was formed in 1988 by Kim Deal, then bassist of the Pixies, and Tanya Donelly, then guitarist of the Throwing Muses, two of the most influential groups of the independent scene in Boston in the late 1980s. After the slowdown in these two groups, The Breeders became more important to both artists. The Breeders name refers to a word used by American homosexuals to refer to heterosexuals.

Kim Deal of the Pixies and Tanya Donelly of the Throwing Muses, two Boston bands signed on the 4AD label, feel their creativity constrained by the personality of the leaders of their respective formations, Black Francis and Kristin Hersh. They create The Breeders as an outlet (the band was originally called the Boston Girl Super-Group). With Carrie Bradley and various drummers, they record a demo they propose to 4AD. Their first album, Pod, recorded with a budget of $ 11,000, by Steve Albini, was released in 1990. The influence of Kim Deal is obvious, but we can feel the personal touch of the bassist Josephine Wiggs and Britt Walford, Slint's drummer (aka Shannon Doughton).

What was initially a parallel project of two artists involved in other major formations, is gradually becoming a real group that will have a long musical career. On the four titles Safari released in 1992, Kim Deal is no longer part of the Pixies and hired her twin sister Kelley to play guitar in the Breeders. Tanya Donelly leaves them to create Belly with Fred Abong, then devote to his solo work. Drummer Jim MacPherson joins the group in time for Last Splash. Cannonball, one of the titles of this album, knows an international success. The SOS guitar score from the same album will be sampled by The Prodigy on the title Firestarter (https://www.whosampled.com/sample/1481/The-Prodigy-Firestarter-The-Breeders-SOS/) . The group filled the rooms and provided the first parts of Nirvana.

In 1995, Kelley Deal is involved in a drug deal. The activity of the group decreases, but it never separates officially. Kim is in parallel with The Amps with Jim MacPherson, Nathan Farley and Luis Lerma. After detoxification, Kelley founded Kelley Deal 6000, then formed Last Hard Men with Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach, former Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, and Frogs' Jimmy Flemion.

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