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The Casualties

The Casualties is a street punk and hardcore hardcore punk band from New York. From the very beginning, the band wanted to present the hardcore punk style of the 1980s through their songs. The Casualties is currently composed of Jake on guitar, Meggers on drums and Rick on bass. They release a DVD presenting their tours in Japan and Mexico, Can not Stop Us.

They are also present on the soundtrack of Tony Hawk's Underground 2 with the song Marching Joe (or Unknown Soldier). Their song Get Off My Back can be heard in the Tony Hawk's American Wasteland video game.

The Casualties is formed in 1990, with Jorge Herrera (vocals), Hank (guitar), Colin Wolf (vocals), Mark Yoshitomi (bass) and Yureesh Hooker (drums). Members wanted to return to what they call the "golden age" of street punk, characterized by The Exploited and Charged GBH who thought they would disappear in 1985>. At the beginning of the group, the formation is fluid, and undergoes several changes. This first year, Colin left the group to finish his studies, and is replaced by Rachel, singer of TheRivits.

In early 1991, Hank left the band to be templated by Fred on guitar to record Political Sin in March 1991 for the Benefit for Beer compilation. Scott (C Squat) temporarily replaces Fred until his return. At this time, guitarist Hank plays a few concerts, and Steve Distraught plays briefly on the second guitar. The Casualties stabilized long enough to record his first demo in late 1991, and EP Casualty in the spring of 1992. In late 1992, Mark and Fred left the band and were replaced by Mike Roberts on bass and Jake Kolatis on the guitar, followed by the departure of Yureesh and Colin in 1994, who will be replaced by Shawn on drums, while the band stays with a single vocalist >>>. In 1994, the four-track EP Drinking is Our Way of Life is recorded, but not published. The songs will later be included in the album Early Years 1990-1995 in 1999>. In 1995, the band's second album, EP A Fuckin's Way of Life, was released on Eyeball Records. After the recording of A Fuckin 'Way of Life, Shawn leaves the group, and Marc Eggers (nicknamed Meggers) of the Rivits, becomes their drummer. The formation that includes Jorge, Jake, Mike, and Meggers continues in this lineage until 1997.

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