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The Donnas

The Donnas is a female American punk garage band from Palo Alto, California. Made up of four girls, he draws his inspiration from bands such as AC / DC, The Ramones, Mötley Crüe and Kiss. The band is described as "The meeting between The Ramones and The Runaways">.

The four founding members, born in 1979, meet at Palo Alto College and decide to start a group in the fourth class in May 1993. They only learn to play their instrument and find themselves in the garage of the parents of the thresher, Torry Castellano, to repeat. One of the first two women's groups in their city, Palo Alto, they first chose the name of Ragady Anne before becoming The Electrocutes and played covers of bands such as R.E.M., L7, The Muffs and Shonen Knife. The four girls continue their rehearsals every afternoon when they enter high school despite being unpopular with other students and residents of Palo Alto. Indeed, they find it all too strange and launch several rumors that they are "lesbians who ended up in the garage" or that "they were dealing cocaine">.

In 1995, during a concert in San Francisco, they are noticed by Darin Raffaelli, the guitarist of the Supercharger group and director of the Radio X label. Having composed songs in the same style as those of the Ramones, he was looking for a band worthy of his texts. He becomes the producer of the four girls but the songs of Raffaelli did not correspond to the metal style of The Electrocutes. They decide to change their style, to get closer to that of the Ramones, and take the opportunity to change their name at the same time. This is the beginning of the Donnas. To mark the change of name, they decide to give each a nickname that begins with "Donna" followed by the initial of their name (thus Allison Robertson becomes Donna R., etc.), which is a form of homage to Ramones>.

On January 23, 1998, the Donnas released their first eponymous album of 23 tracks, under the label Raffaeli, Super * Teem! Records. After having obtained the equivalent of the baccalaureate, they decide to sign with the label Lookout! Records, which is the first Green Day label. They released the same year the album American Teenage Rock 'n' Roll Machine ten titles. The Donnas' third album, Get Skintight, was released in June 1999. It is composed of 14 tracks. This is the first album that the four girls, aged twenty, make up entirely alone. Their hard rock influence is more evident, especially with their cover of Too Fast for Love by Mötley Crüe (13th title). This third album is rather noticed by the media; they are regularly featured in MTV shows and appear in several movies, such as Jawbreaker and Drive Me Crazy.

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