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The Flaming lips

The Flaming Lips is an American alternative rock band from Oklahoma City, in the state of California. Oklahoma. Formed in 1983, the group is renowned for its psychedelic arrangements, its delirious but sometimes serious lyrics (thus, "The Sound of Failure" which tells the states souls of a teenage girl whose friend has just committed suicide), her surrealist song titles (eg Psychiatric Explorations of the Fetus With Needles: Psychiatric Exploration of the Fetus with Needles), and finally for the quality of her concerts, where Wayne Coyne, the singer, wont appear inside a giant plastic bubble, and "walk" on the audience.

The British magazine Q elects him among the 50 groups to see on stage before dying. Their shows combine an impressive play of light with video projections, with the participation of puppets and disguises (Justin Timberlake plays bass and disguised as a panda during a concert in 2003). The Flaming Lips have several albums on independent labels, before signing with Warner Records. They obtained their only American hit in 1993 with She Do not Use Jelly, and have since been regularly hailed by critics, despite a fairly modest commercial success up to the 2002 Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots album, which marked a relative commercial breakthrough.

The Flaming Lips were formed in 1983 in Norman, Oklahoma, USA, around singer Wayne Coyne. Also participating in the band are his brother Mark and bassist Michael Ivins. Giving concerts in their home region, the band changed drums several times before being joined by Richard English in 1984, when the Flaming Lips recorded an EP (short album), The Flaming Lips, on which Mark Coyne is the main singer.

In 1986, after the departure of Mark Coyne, the band recorded their first album, Hear It Is , published by Pink Dust Records. He then recorded two more albums with this staff, Oh My Gawd !!! in 1987 and Telepathic Surgery in 1989. The drummer Richard English is replaced in 1989 by Nathan Roberts, and the band is joined by Jonathan Donahue (also a member of the group Mercury Rev. Together they record the album In a Priest Driven Ambulance at State University of New York for $ 5 an hour, for a total budget of $ 10,000>. Transition from the group to a more experimental sound, the strange effects on their previous recordings gaining importance Wayne Coyne's voice is also evolving, adopting a higher pitch, which can be compared to that of Neil Young.

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