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The International noise conspiracy

The (International) Noise Conspiracy , abbreviated T (I) NC , is a Swedish punk rock band from Umeå. Its members, from 5 different Swedish hardcore groups, want to use their music as a weapon to attack capitalist culture. Since their formation, the quintet has a good amount of EP, and two albums, The First Conspiracy (1999) and Survival Sickness (2000).

Fascinated by a quote from singer and songwriter Phil Ochs that "the perfect rock formula would be a mix of Elvis and Che Guevara" , guitarist Lars Strömberg and singer Dennis Lyxzén decided in late 1998 to form a group that would achieve this "ideal vision" . Lyxzén, who had just witnessed the implosion of his hardcore band Refused, was eager to start a new band and use his music again as a medium for a political message. Strömberg, who shared his enthusiasm, cofounded with him The (International) Noise Conspiracy. At the time, Strömberg was playing, and still playing, in a Umeå punk band: Separation. The duo chases future members who share their ideals. They find a bassist in their friend Inge Johansson who was, and still is, part of the art / noise group Female Anchor of Sade, while the last two pieces of T (I) NC, the guitarist / organist Sara Almgren and the drummer Ludwig Dahlberg were from the politico-musical group Saidwas.

Once the roles were awarded, T (I) NC entered the studio in 1999 to record 12 tracks. The tracks came out as a series of EPs later in the year, on four different labels, The Black Mask Collective (group label), Premonition, Car Crash, and Trans Solar Records. Most EP titles are on the first album of The First Conspiracy (1999). The members of the group did not move away from their personal projects during the year 1999. Lyxzén released an album, titled Songs in the Key of Resistance, and an EP-title for his band Lost Patrol. The style and message of the group remains in a vein similar to that where The (International) Noise Conspiracy evolves. Johansson also works with Female Anchor of Sade, which produces Tanks to Everyone.

T (I) NC returns in May 2000 for their second album, Survival Sickness, released on Burning Heart in Europe, and a branch of Epitaph in the United States. It is this label that released The First Conspiracy in the United States in 2001, where its ideological content received a lukewarm reception. Later that year, the one reserved for the EP Capitalism Stole my Virginity is warmer, because of the growing interest of fans of the rock garage US for Scandinavian rock. In 2001 A Changing Morning, Changing Weather, generally welcomed by the specialized press >>>, with the exception of Pitchfork, which awarded him a score of 3.5 out of 10>.

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