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The Jam is a British punk rock band from Woking, London, England. Originally from a proletarian suburb of the capital, they were one of the most popular groups in the United Kingdom at the turn of the 1970s and 1980s, and are still among the favourite artists of the British public more than twenty years after their separation. Although not officially convened, the group has been playing sporadically since 2007 under the name From the Jam. The band was born from the meeting between Paul Weller and Steve Brooks in 1972, The Jam first evolved as a quartet with Paul Weller on vocals and rhythm guitar, Steve Brookes on guitar, Bruce Foxton on bass and Rick Buckler on drums. Uninterested in the musical movements of the early 1970s, the four teenagers performed old American rock standards popularized by Chuck Berry or Little Richard during their concerts. Shortly afterwards, Paul Weller discovered modernist imagery and the first records of the Who, which would become a major influence for him. Following Brookes' departure, The Jam became a trio, keyboardist Bob Gray was then recruited, but he left the group to settle in Canada in 1976. The melodic playing of bassist Bruce Foxton became particularly important during the concerts, while Paul Weller sang while playing the guitar parts in a raging style that brought him closer to guitarists like Pete Townshend or Wilko Johnson. Finally, the Weller, Foxton, Buckler trio will persist throughout their future careers. The discovery of the Sex Pistols was a second musical shock for Weller, although he also retained a pronounced taste for the music of British artists of the 1960s such as The Kinks or The Small Faces, as well as for the rhythm and blues and soul of American companies Stax Records and Motown. In early 1977, The Jam signed a contract with the label Polydor, which released their debut album In the City in May. The song In the City, whose lyrics are very close to the claiming spirit of the punks of the time, will be their first single. It will remain one of their most outstanding songs and will be the first in an uninterrupted series of eighteen singles to reach the British top 40. Their second single, the unpublished All Around the World, even approaches the top 10 and already foreshadows their future successes. The group is participating in its first Peel session, broadcast in May on BBC Radio 1. Released just a few months later, the album This Is the Modern World returns to mod>imagery. He receives a colder reception than his predecessor from the critics, who blame him for his hasty exit. Weller himself considers this record the least accomplished of their albums.

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