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The Jon spencer blues explosion

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, also known as The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Blues Explosion, JSBX or JSBE, is an independent American rock band from New York. It is composed of Jon Spencer (vocals, guitar), Judah Bauer (guitar, vocals) and Russell Simins (drums). The band draws its influences from blues, rock-garage, punk, rhythm and blues, noise rock and also sometimes hip-hop and electro. Despite the band's name, Jon Spencer refuses to play the blues. "I don't play no blues, I play Rock'n'Roll'n'Roll">" he claims on the track Talk About The Blues. Originally from Hanover, New Hampshire, Jon Spencer travels to Washington DC where he plays with Pussy Galore. After the separation of this group, he formed The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in 1990 in New York. Members played in bands such as The Honeymoon Killers, Crowbar Massage, and Boss Hog before the formation of the Blues Explosion. They quickly signed a contract with Matador Records. During a tour in July 1999, the group's truck was robbed in Vancouver, Canada. A large quantity of boxes are stolen, containing several microphones, amplifiers, compressors, and other equipment, such as Jon Spencer's Moog theremin, an original model from 1962.

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