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The Music

The Music was an English alternative rock band formed in Kippax, a village in the Greater Leeds area in 1999. Composed of Robert Harvey (vocals, guitar), Adam Nutter (guitar), Stuart Coleman (bass) and Phil Jordan (drums), the band became famous with the release of their first album, The Music, in 2002. The band released two other studio albums, Welcome to the North (2004) and Strength in Numbers (2008), before separating in 2011. The Music is torn between simplistic pop and psychedelic sounds in strange tracks that pretend to make us dance with guitars. A vast program that many groups (such as Junkster or Rinôçérôse) are also involved in. But, these teenagers, signed by Hut (Smashing Pumpkins, The Verve, Placebo), develop their own style. The result of the first album produced by Jim Abbiss (Björk) is heterogeneous and resonates in our ears as Sigur Rós put in the sauce Underworld. From the first listening, we jump and glide in the same twirling movement that does not seem to want to freeze. Robert Harvey's excited voice sings innocent words (whose intonations are reminiscent of Robert Plant) in a noisy atmosphere (between Pink Floyd and Radiohead) in which a "dance" rhythmic emerges.

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