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The Old dead tree

The Old Dead Tree is a French gothic metal band from Paris. It is in the broad sense of the Gothic metal genre, which is similar to progressive death metal. On November 19, 2009, the leader Manuel Munoz on the group's website announced that he was ending TODT's activities, before reforming in 2013 for a tour. The group was formed in 1997, and initially consisted of Manuel Munoz (vocals, guitar, lyrics), Vincent Danhier (bass), Nicolas Chevrollier (guitar and choirs), and Frédéric Guillemot (drums). Thanks to their self-produced demo of four tracks, entitled The Blossom (1999), as well as the concerts that followed as TODT began to make a name for itself in the heavy metal scene. However, the dream came to an end following the drummer's tragic suicide in August 1999, an event that none of the members of TODT could have anticipated or even imagined. However, this did not reach the group's ascent. TODT signed with the Season of Mist label in 2002. The group then becomes more and more in demand. They composed their first album, The Nameless Disease, published in 2003, Franck Métayer then taking the place of drummer. Thus, all the songs are dedicated to Frédéric Guillemot, and the lyrics (always in English) deal with the suffering felt by the members of the group caused by the death, as well as a feeling of anger against themselves for not having been able to see the distress of their friend. In March 2004, Franck Métayer left the group, as the situation no longer suited him. It was replaced in September 2004 by Foued Moukid (from Arkan)>. The group continues the concerts and participates in some festivals, notably in 2005 (Furyfest...). Their second album, The Perpetual Motion (2005) is somewhat different in the atmosphere while remaining musically faithful to what The Old Dead Tree has always done. Thus, it is a continuation of its predecessor, but with an expressive expansion. They are coming back on tour all over Europe, more and more frequently as headliners. At this stage, the band is already playing with several bands like Katatonia, Paradise Lost, Opeth, Samael, Leaves' Eyes, or Epica. They also perform in festivals such as Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Germany and Metal Therapy in France. A few weeks before a concert at the Locomotive in Paris, Nicolas Chevrollier announced his departure from the group to devote himself to his private life. However, he will return to his musical activities in 2009. Gilles Moinet (from Lux Incerta) will take his place on guitar and choir.

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