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The Raconteurs

The Raconteurs is a supergroup of musicians from the Detroit scene, namely Jack White (guitarist and singer with the White Stripes), Brendan Benson (multi-instrumentalist), Jack Lawrence (bassist with the Dead Weather and The Greenhornes) and Patrick Keeler (drummer, also with the Greenhornes). Although all of them are already renowned within their respective formations, they deny their status as "supergroups", referring according to them to something "planned", and more simply describe themselves as "a young group of old friends". Musicians Dean Fertita (The Dead Weather, Queens of the Stone Age) and Mark Watrous will also accompany them on stage, mainly providing keyboard parts. "  "I have this song for which I need lyrics," Brendan once told me. I listened to it  it was Steady As She Goes. I found lyrics and we recorded it, even if it sounded more like reggae at the time. We were playing it over and over again, and we finally thought maybe it was time to start this band we were always talking about. This song launched everything. The various members of the group met in 1998, when their respective careers were just beginning. In 2004, they collaborated on the album Van Lear Rose by singer Loretta Lynn, initiating the beginning of Les Raconteurs. At the same time, Brendan received enthusiastic reviews following his latest album, The Alternative to Love, the White Stripes just released Get Behind Me Satan, and the Greenhornes, their East Grand Blues EP>>>>. Although related to the Detroit garage rock scene, they all successively moved to Nashville, Tennessee, believing that they " no longer wanted to be associated with any scene. It was, and it was a good experience that taught us a lot, but it's over now. It's good when you're 20 - discover and learn from all this - but certainly not at 30' >.

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