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The Ramones

The Ramones are an American rock band, originally from New York. Formed in 1974, they are often cited as the first punk rock band>>>>. Although their commercial success was rather limited, the group had a great influence on punk and its derivatives in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Their look stood out for its minimalism and neglected appearance: long hair, black perfecto, t-shirt, torn jeans on the knees, worn sports shoes (Converse or Keds). Members of the group adopted pseudonyms ending in the name " Ramone ". They played 2,263 concerts, touring almost non-stop for 22 years. In 1996, after a tour with the Lollapalooza festival, the band played one last concert before dissolving. The three founding members (singer Joey Ramone, guitarist Johnny Ramone, and bassist Dee Dee Dee Ramone) died less than 9 years after the dissolution in 1996.

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