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The Rumjacks

The Rumjacks is an Australian punk rock and Celtic folk band from Sydney. The group was formed in 2008 by Frankie McLaughlin (vocals) and Johnny McKelvey (bass), The Rumjacks combine several musical styles, including punk rock and Celtic folk. The band released two EPs in 2009 - Hung, Drawn and Portered, then Sound as a Pound>. The group is composed of 5 members, McLaughlin on vocals, McKelvey on bass, Gabriel Whitbourne on guitar, Anthony Matters on drums and Adam Kenny on mandolin, banjo or bouzouki. Together, they released three albums: Gangs of New Holland (2010), Sober and Godless (2015), and Sleeping Rough (2016). The group is known worldwide for their single An Irish Pub Song, which has more than 51 million views on YouTube>. In addition to their concerts in Australia>, The Rumjacks have two tours in Europe. The first tour, in 2015, included stops at the Jarocin Festival in Poland and the Boomtown Fair in the United Kingdom. A second tour is organized in 2016, with dates in Poland, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands in particular. At the end of 2016, the group announced that its first American tour would begin in March 2017.

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