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The Velvet underground

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The Velvet Underground [ ð ə v Ɛ L v ə t ʌ n d ə ɹ g ɹ a ʊ n d ] is an American rock band from New York, formed in the mid-1960s, linked to the adventure of Andy Warhol's Factory, which first produced them in the New York underground, his influence never stopped growing after his dissolution, and he greatly influenced David Bowie, who, at the beginning, sings Velvet covers in clubs.

Mainly composed of Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison, John Cale, Moe Tucker and temporarily Nico, the group has known, despite its brief existence, a great musical fertility. The topics covered reflect the universe of the Factory, in which the group gravitates: hard drugs, sadomasochistic themes, or even homosexuals.

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