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The Vines

The Vines is an Australian garage rock band from Sydney, New South Wales. Since 2002 it has been composed of singer and guitarist Craig Nicholls, guitarist Ryan Griffiths, bassist Brad Heald (since 2006, he replaces Patrick Matthews) and drummer Hamish Rosser. The Vines emerges in the wake of other bands like The Strokes, The Hives and The White Stripes in 2002.

It was in 1995 that Craig Nicholls decided to create a band. It was in Sydney that he met Patrick Matthews who is bassist, and who will introduce David Oliffe (friend of Matthews childhood), Craig and Patrick met at a McDonalds where they both worked. It's a simple formation: Nicholls on guitar and vocals, Matthews on bass and chorus, and Oliffe on drums. At their very beginning, they play Nirvana covers at parties or high school concerts while working their songs on the Nicholls 4-track recorder.

The band is called The Vines in reference to the group in which Nicholls' father played covers of Elvis Presley, a band called The Vynes. At first, the group was called Rishikesh (in reference to the stay that the Beatles spent in India, Nicholls is a fan of the band) and also had as pseudo at concerts: Joe Dirt, Forgone Conclusion, The Crimes.

Oliffe will be replaced by Hamish Rosser (current drummer), as he does not see himself spinning constantly, and being uncomfortable in the studio. Hamish had won a contest developed by Nicholls and Matthews, to find a new drummer, then passing the contest successfully, he remained in the group.

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