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The xx is a British rock band from London, England. Formed in 2005>, the band then has four members: Romy Madley Croft on vocals and guitar, Oliver Sim on vocals and bass, Jamie Smith on synthesizers and drum machine and Baria Qureshi on synthesizer and guitar. The musical style of the band is characterized by clean sounds that sometimes bring them closer to minimalist music

Their first album, xx, was released in August 2009. In November of the same year, Baria Qureshi left the band after an absence at a few concerts due to "extreme fatigue". The xx is now a trio and continues its rise in 2010 while trying to protect itself from a pressure of more and more media>.

The group members met at Elliott School, the same school that saw Hot Chip, Burial and Four Tet come into being. The group, however, denied the influence of the school on their career: "An Elliott teacher, who had never taught us before, told us how great he was. It's a little annoying. We were left out more than anything else ... although I'm sure it helped us a certain way. Oliver Sim and Romy Madley-Croft founded the group as a duo at the age of 15. The guitarist Baria Qureshi joined them in 2005 as they began performing on stage, and Jamie Smith joined them a year later.

Their first self-titled album is published by the independent British label Young Turks on August 17, 2009>. Although the group had already worked with producers such as Diplo or Kwes>, they produce xx themselves, while Jamie Smith and Rodaidh McDonald took over mixing. The xx record their album in a small garage in the XL Recordings recording studio, often at night, which contributes to the dark and ethereal tone of the album. In August 2009, the group performs its own tour. The xx went on tour with various artists, including Friendly Fires, The Big Pink and Micachu. And as a taste of future success, their single Crystalised is selected as Single of the Week by iTunes (United Kingdom) from August 18, 2009.

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