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Theatres des vampires

Vampire Theaters is a group of Italian Gothic metal, originally from Rome. It is formed in 1994 following the dismantling of a local group called VII Arcano. In ten years of existence, in 2004, Theaters Vampires has a dozen albums under the English label Plastic Head, and is increasingly recognized in Europe, South America and Russia.

The band was originally composed of a singer, Alessandro Nunziati "Lord Vampyr", and two choristers, Sonya Siccardi "Scarlet" and Anna Consuelo Cerichelli "Justine" , but she left the group in 2002, leaving only Scarlet to the chorus to accompany Lord Vampyr and the other male musicians. It is with Pleasure and Pain (2005) that Sonya Scarlet becomes the leader of the group, following the departure of the founder Lord Vampyr (who was no longer interested in the music of the band, he has since embarked on a project solo...).

During their career, the band is more attracted to black metal in its beginnings, then later to a style that tends towards the universality of genres, for example: classical music, opera and rock. For example, the album Nightbreed of Macabria, is moving towards a style more Gothic metal, to the detriment of the previous styles. Despite this, the background remains the same: the group has not lost its aesthetics and continues to sing vampiric melancholy through bloody texts.

The roots of Vampire Theaters are traced in 1989 with the formation of a local band called Sepolcrum, composed of Lord Vampyr, and guitarist Lord Morgoth (Roberto Cufaro). The group is renamed VII Arcano in 1992 and publishes a 7 "single entitled Gather My Blood Forever in 1993> while VII Arcano begins to s' to move towards a more thrash metal sound, Lord Vampyr decides to leave the group and form Vampire Theaters in 1994. A first demo, Nosferatu, eine Simphonie des Grauens, is recorded in 1995. Training changes, however, lead Lord Vampyr to record only the first studio album of the group Vampyrism, necrophilia, necrosadism, necrophy, published in 1996.

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