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They might be giants

They Might Be Giants is an American pop and alternative rock band from Brooklyn, New York. Formed in 1982, he was mainly known in Europe with the famous credits of the American series Malcolm entitled Boss of Me.

Two teenagers with the same name, John, meet at the University of Lincoln, Massachusetts. They begin to make some songs. Their group takes the name They Might Be Giants in reference to the film of the same name released in 1971. Their real beginnings are in 1985, with the recording of their first self-titled album and some concerts they give in their neighborhood, to New York>. In 1982, they had already recorded some songs on audio cassette.

During this period, They Might Be Giants is still a duo. In 1982, they began to write and play their own music in their neighborhood of New York, with Flansburgh on guitar and Linnell on accordion and saxophone. They are accompanied by a drum machine, an electronic drums and an instrumental soundtrack recorded on audio cassette. Their atypical instrumentation, their originality, as much in their music as in their lyrics (unusual subjects, puns of unexpected words ...) draws much the attention of the inhabitants of their district. On stage, they sometimes go into absurd comedy and wear costumes that are too big for them, sometimes with cardboard heads representing William Allen White. They used these same heads in their first clip, Do not Let's Start, in 1986.

The duo had to put their adventure on hold for a while, Linnell having broken his wrist in a bicycle accident and Flansburgh having found his apartment burgled one evening. During this break, they start recording their songs on a voicemail and publish the associated phone number in local newspapers such as Village Voice, using the term "dial-a-song" > span. They also record audio tapes, which earned them an article in People magazine. This article draws the attention of Bar / None Records, who signed shortly thereafter with They Might Be Giants for a recording.

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