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Thin Lizzy is an Irish rock band formed in Dublin in 1969. Originally a trio composed of Eric Bell (guitarist), Phil Lynott (bassist, singer and lead composer) and Brian Downey ( drummer), the band enjoyed a first success in 1973 with Whiskey in the Jar, an adaptation of a traditional Irish tune. After the departure of Eric Bell, replaced by guitarists Brian Robertson and Scott Gorham, Thin Lizzy reached the peak of its popularity by evolving his music to hard rock. Released in 1976, the album Jailbreak is a great success, thanks to the song The Boys Are Back in Town and others that fans like Jailbreak or Emerald.

From the late 1970s until its separation in 1983, the group will continue its journey with a loyal audience, but will not succeed in winning over the media as a major player on the international rock scene. However, his musical influence is significant among musicians and can be found in most heavy metal bands with two solo guitarists, as well as in those of the hard rock fusion - funk wave that appeared in the late 1980s. Since 1994 , Thin Lizzy is reforming several times without his leader Phil Lynott, who died in 1986, to give some concerts and record a live album.

At 17, Phil Lynott is the singer of a Dublin band, the Black Eagles. Brian Downey, who knows Phil Lynott for attending the same school, joins the band as drummer. After the Black Eagles break-up, Brian Downey joined Sugar Shack, an ephemeral group that will achieve national success in 1968 with a cover of Tim Rose, Morning Dew. Lynott joined Kama Sutra and shortly thereafter Skid Row, the band of bassist Brush Shiels and drummer Noel Bridgeman. Originally from Belfast, guitarist Gary Moore completes the training. In 1969, Skid Row recorded the single New Faces, Old Places. Phil Lynott is not motivated by a group in which he does not have the ability to impose his compositions and is quickly ousted. Skid Row, now a trio, will record two albums, Skid in 1970 and 34 Hours in 1971.

At the end of 1969, Phil Lynott and Brian Downey meet and decide to set up a new band>. Called Orphanage, this new band includes Joe Staunton on guitar and Pat Quigley on bass. Eric Bell, a guitarist who has played in local bands such as Shades of Blue and John Farrell's The Dreams, is attending an Orphanage concert. Impressed by Brian Downey, he told him of his intention to set up a band and asked him to be the drummer. Phil Lynott, who learned the basics of bass from Brush Shiels during his stint in Skid Row, joins them. Reinforced by the keyboard player Eric Wrixon, the first version of Thin Lizzy is born. The name of the group is proposed by Eric Bell, after the name of a hero of comics, Tin Lizzie. "Tin" (metallic) becomes "thin" (thin) but with the Irish accent the two words are pronounced in the same way. A single is recorded during the summer of 1970 and is published under the name "Thin Lizzi". Of the 500 copies on sale, barely more than half flows. After a few concerts, Eric Wrixon leaves the band whose name is now Thin Lizzy >>>. Wrixon died on July 13, 2015>.

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