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Through the eyes of the dead

Through the Eyes of the Dead is an American death metal and metalcore band from Florence, South Carolina. He begins by playing deathcore before evolving over albums to a more traditional Death metal.

Through the Eyes of the Dead is formed in Florence (South Carolina), and puts forward elements of death metal in his style. He was trained by Justin Longshore in 2003 after the separation of his previous band, Tell Her I Said Goodbye. After an EP with Lovelost Records, they released their first album, Bloodlust , in 2005 with Prosthetic Records. Shortly before, all members except Longshore and Gunnells left the group because they were not ready to go on tour. Among the influences of the group, we can note Morbid Angel, At the Gates, and especially Cannibal Corpse which one of the pieces (Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead) inspired its name to the group.

They tour with As I Lay Dying, In Flames, Trivium, Gwar, The Chariot, Cannibal Corpse, Black Dahlia Murder, Horse the Band, It Dies Today, Unearth, Killswitch Engage, Terror, and Behemoth in 2006 at the Sounds of the Underground>. The band releases three albums with Prosthetic Records, Bloodlust in 2005, Malice . She reached the Top 10 in the musical VOD for almost six months.

After five years of production, the group announces the release of a single in December 2015>.

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