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Tindersticks is the name of a British music band from Nottingham.

The origin of the Tindersticks dates back to the Nottingham group, Asphalt Ribbons, including Stuart Staples, David Boulter and Dickon Hinchcliffe. The three men joined by Neil Fraser, Mark Colwill and Al Macaulay formed the Tindersticks in 1992. The band's first single, Patchwork, was released in November 1992 on their own independent label, Tippy Toe. The second single was released in March 1993, as was A Marriage Made in Heaven, a collaboration with Niki Sin of the British band Huggy Bear. Immediately after the release of EP Unwired EP, the group will sign on the label This Way Up, just created at the time.

The first studio album, titled simply Tindersticks, will be released in October 1993. It will be critically acclaimed and will be voted "Best Album of the Year" by UK magazine Melody Maker. Their second album (also titled Tindersticks) was released in April 1995, and has titles in collaboration with Terry Edwards (from the group Gallon Drunk) and Carla Torgerson (from The Walkabouts). The following concert tour will result in a live album, The Bloomsbury Theater, at the end of 1995. At this time, the French director Claire Denis, who discovers them at a concert at Bataclan,> asks them to make the soundtrack of his next film, thus starting a long artistic collaboration.

In 2006, the band is reorganizing itself for a single concert and realizes that the six-act formula no longer works as before, that it has gone as far as possible at the artistic level. In addition, Stuart left his native England to settle in Creuse, where he set up his own studio, Lucky Dog. It is in this place that the band will re-form, in its original trio form: Stuart Staples on vocals, Neil Fraser on guitar and David Boulter on piano. The "Nottingham Lads" find new energy and record a lot of titles, very quickly, resulting in the production of a new album, The Hungry Saw in April 2008, after being recorded in eight days. This album is marked, again, by the melancholy and offbeat humor of the Tindersticks, with flagship titles such as Yesterdays Tomorrow and All The Love.

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