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Tocotronic is a German independent rock band from Hamburg. His name is inspired by the German brand of electronic games Nintendo Game and Watch, Tricotronic. Musically speaking, the German press categorizes the independent rock band, indie pop, and diskursrock.

The group totals twelve studio albums. In the late 1990s, Tocotronic was a commercial success: since KOOK (1999), each album reached the top 10 of the German charts. The album Schall und Wahn (2010) is Tocotronic's first album to reach first place. Tocotronics' albums and songs are regularly cited in German reviews and rankings, such as Musikexpress, Rolling Stone, Spex and Visions, ranking according to the frequency of entries in the 4> place (February 2013)>.

Tocotronic was formed in late 1993 by three students from Hamburg, Dirk von Lowtzow (voice, guitar), Jan Müller (bass) and Arne Zank (drums). Previously, Müller and Zank played together in the group Meine Eltern. Von Lowtzow is the only non-native of Hamburg; he had moved from Friborg to study.

After its creation, Tocotronic quickly made a name for itself in the Hamburg underground scene. One of his first concerts took place in 1994 in Rote Flora. In the same year, the self-produced single Meine Freundin und ihr Freund is released. In March 1995, he was followed by Digital ist besser, the first album released by the independent label L'Âge d'Or. They then begin a tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with some passages in festival. The popularity of Tocotronic is increasing, the slogans songs (Ich möchte Teil einer Jugendbewegung sein) and the visual aspect of the group - jacket tracksuit, ropes and lateral top - are responsible. A few months after the first album, the band released their second album, Nach der verlorenen Zeit, in July 1995.

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