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Tokio Hotel is a German pop rock band from Magdeburg. Formed in 2001, and consisting of four young Germans, including two twin brothers, the group has a total of six studio albums: Devilish (2003), Schrei (2005), Zimmer 483 (2007), Humanoid (2009), Kings of Suburbia ( 2014) and Dream Machine (2017).

The group is known worldwide from 2006-2007 with albums Schrei (2005) and Zimmer 483 (2007), containing songs with great commercial success and becomes in the 2000s a huge media phenomenon on the internet and worldwide , especially in Europe like the boys band of the 1990s. They are a worldwide success, very popular in France among young people causing hysteria and sometimes even discomfort and fainting from young teenagers present at concerts and events of the group>. Some media even comparing their popularity and the effect caused in fans to that of the Beatles. Tokio Hotel has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.

From the 2010s, the group is more discreet, the media phenomenon starting to get bored, and momentarily withdraws from the media but still remains very popular in Germany, their country of origin. In 2014, they make their discographic return with the album Kings of Suburbia, then in 2017 with Dream Machine.

In 2001, Bill and Tom met Gustav, in a small club at a concert in Magdeburg that both gave. He introduces them to Georg, whom he knew from the conservatory they both frequented. Together, they found Devilish ("demonic" in French). Six months later, the band plays in many clubs in Magdeburg and surrounding areas. They released under this name a small album of 7 titles that they self-produce and sell themselves at the end of their concerts. They send it to the record companies, without result. Bill Kaulitz also participates in Star Search (the German equivalent of Graine de Star). They sign with Universal Records in 2003>.

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