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Tomoko Kawase (川 瀬 智子, Kawase Tomoko, born February 6, 1975) is the Japanese singer of The Brilliant Green. She also has a solo career under the pseudonyms Tommy February> and Tommy Heavenly>.

Tomoko Kawase is known in the world of music for his vocal performances in the rock band The Brilliant Green. She joined the troupe in February 1995, formed by Ryo Matsui (guitar) and Shunsaku Okuda (bass). The Brilliant Green is one of the first alternative rock bands in Japan. Their sound is strongly influenced by a Western pop / rock style. Tomoko Kawase deals with the composition of the lyrics, each song is written in English and Japanese. That makes The Brilliant Green a name quite famous in the musical world. Thanks to their very worldmusic kind he wins in the 10 "Best Bands on Planet Earth" reviewed by the well-known Times Magazine.

The band signed with Sony Records in 1998, released his first album The Brilliant Green and continued success. Their titles such as Love Again (1998) and Over Drama (1999) rank first in the Oricon Chart.

However around 2001, The Brilliant Green suffered a failure with the album Los Angeles which has a much darker style, fully sung in Japanese and which comes in second place in the charts but is a commercial failure compared to the first two albums. The group then allows itself a break and disappears from the big stage. The group is reforming in 2007 to celebrate their ten years. A compilation will be released in 2008 and a DVD. The band released a new album in 2010, BLACKOUT. On May 11, 2011, Ryo Matsui leaves the group without giving reasons for his departure ...

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