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Toquinho Antonio Pecci Filho , aka Toquinho , born on July 6, 1946 in São Paulo, is a Brazilian singer-songwriter and guitarist.

Son of a family of Italian origin, from the region of Molise and the province of Mantua, he was born in São Paulo. He began playing guitar at the age of 14 at Paulinho Nogueira School.

Toquinho spent much of his time working with the great poet Vinícius de Moraes. They got to know each other a little before this event. Toquinho would have taken texts from the poet to compose them, but in his absence he addressed his wife. This one authorized him to take the text of Tarde em Itapoã. When the song came back to Vinicius, the latter was so excited by the beauty of the theme composed by Toquinho that he said: "This guy is a good one! And began his long collaboration with the rising young artist. He has also collaborated regularly with Miúcha.

For the album La Fusa, Toquinho and Vinicius collaborated with Maria Creuza.

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