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Toshihiko sahashi

Toshihiko Sahashi ( lang = "ja"> 佐 橋 俊彦 , Sahashi Toshihiko > ) , born on the 12th November 1959 in Tokyo, is an extremely prolific Japanese composer. He graduated from the University of Fine Arts and Music of Tokyo in 1986, and became known as a composer of film and especially anime music, especially for the music of Hunter × Hunter, Full Metal Panic, Gundam Seed and Reborn. He is also at the origin of two symphonic suites, played by the London Symphonic Orchestra, on this last anime and its sequel, Gundam Seed Destiny. We know very little about the character in himself; no interview with him having been done, almost no information about him having filtered out of his job.

His compositions are of an opulent and symphonic genre with hints of neoclassical music, even neo-baroque, often characterized by efficient rhythmic ostinatos (in abundance in Gundam Seed Destiny OST IV and Simoun OST I), the use of sophisticated techniques and complex harmonic writing, such as fugue. All this allows the composer to unveil his perfect understanding of ancient and modern Western music, where a Joe Hisaishi will often be stuck in Rimsky-Korsakov times. The negative point of this, flagrant, lies in the finding of clichés as the last titles of Gundam Seed Destiny OST IV vis-à-vis Dvorak for example: Toshihiko Sahashi is closer to Brahms>.

One of his other fundamental features is his constant use in each of his soundtracks of keyboards - some of which will adhere, alleging a consequent emotional rise, while others will find these syrupy or even tasteless pseudo-romantic impulses .

The composer nevertheless does not hesitate to carry out hybridizations, like Iwasaki Taku, in the field of what could be described as a school of Japanese music strongly influenced by the music of American films, in particular those of MediaVentures (Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams). In this sense, Black Blood Brothers OST is an example of massive concretions of various styles. In scores like Full Metal Panic, Toshihiko Sahashi shows us his mastery of many musical genres, delivering tracks ranging from reggae to hard rock, blues, which is reminiscent of famous composers such as Yoko Kanno or Kenji Kawai.

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