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Toy dolls

The Toy Dolls is a British punk rock band from Sunderland, England. Formed in 1979, they play their very first concert at Sunderland's Millview Social Club on October 20 of that year. Founding members of the Toy Dolls, only survives its leader Olga (Michael Algar).

In October 1979 singer Pete Zulu, guitarist Olga, bassist Flip and drummer Mr. Scott formed the Toy Dolls group in Sunderland, UK. Pretty soon, Olga assumes the role of singer while maintaining that of guitarist. The formation born in 1979 has a remarkable longevity: not only with the release of the DVD Our Last Tour? in 2005, and that of the album The Album After the Last One ( "The album after the last" ) in 2012>, but also with tours that continue during of the 2000s.

Asked in 2007 about concert tours, the singer and historical leader Olga answers: "It's (...) the most important thing for us. Even if we did not have an album to defend, we would continue playing live. We did it for many years when we had not yet signed a contract with a label or a record company! "

The group is known for its stage performances through interpretations familiar to its fans like "Nellie the Elephant", or "Drooling Banjos" (inspired by the Dueling Banjos of the film Délivrance)>.

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