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Treble charger

Treble Charger is a pop punk and Canadian rock band from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. In 2016, it is composed of four members Greig Nori (vocals), Richard D Mulligan (drummer) and Bill Priddle (guitar). They started with an indie rock style but were involved in many pop rock bands. On January 15, 2012, the group announces its return to a studio for a new album.

Treble Charger have never been popular outside Canada simply because they have never come out of Canada. They receive numerous awards for their albums: Maybe It's Me (1997), Wide Awake Bored (2001) and Detox (2002). Treble Charger is one of the most popular Canadian bands in their country, crushing Simple Plan and their protected Sum 41 so far. Treble Charger has received more than 12 awards in Canada.

Native of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, the group consisted of Nori, Priddle, Martin and Morris Palter, and first took the name of NC17 in reference to the film classification system, before an American group with the same name threatens to continue them. They adopt the name of Treble Charger, but still call their first album NC17. NC17 is first released independently by Smoking Worm in 1994>, but it is a hit on campus radio MuchMusic and CFNY, and was reissued by Sonic Unyon Records in 1997>.

In 1995, the band released Self = title, which included a CD-ROM featuring songs from Treble Charger's thirty favorite indie bands, including The Inbreds, Change of Heart, By Divine Right, Hayden and Trush Hermit.

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