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Tryo is a French band with a strong reggae influence.

Although his name may be misleading, Tryo is composed of four members on stage: Guizmo (his real name is Cyrile Celestin), Christophe Mali, Manu Eveno and Daniel Bravo (known as Danielito). Their executive producer and co-producer, Sebastien Pujol (nicknamed Bibou) plays an important role in the group's activities, so he is counted as his fifth member.

It is in 1995> that Tryo is formed by the meeting of Guizmo and Manu Eveno of the group M'Panada with a young actor and musician: Christophe Mali. In 1996, percussionist Daniel Bravo joins them.

The beginnings of Tryo are turned to a reggae-inspired acoustic music that will give birth to two first Mamagubida albums in 1998 and Must be activated in 2000. With their third album Grain de sable, in 2003, they are opening to 'others influences, including jazz . Their album "Seur", released in November 2008, affirms this evolution by proposing a musical palette bringing sounds coming from the four corners of the world, which one finds for example in the pieces Mrs Roy, Fallen evil or El dulce de leche and Arab Spring.

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