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Trypes , in Greek Τρύπες , to pronounce tryps, is a Greek rock band from Thessaloniki. He is one of the most famous Greek rock bands from the 1980s to the 2000s.

The Trypes ( "holes" in French) are formed in 1983 when Giorgos Karràs and Giannis Aggelakas ( Γιάννης Αγγελάκας < / span>) write the first songs in Greek, inspired and loaded with the post-punk atmosphere that prevailed at the time. At the very beginning they were Mihàlis Kanatidis on guitar and Kostas Floroskoùfis on percussion. In 1984, after the death of Kanatidi, Babis Papadopoulos took his place on the guitar.

The Trypes released their first self-titled album in 1985 under the label Ano-Kato Records. Giorgos Tolios takes the place of Kostas Floroskoùfis on percussion. They play their first concerts in Athens at Club Rodeo, Kyparos and Lykabittos Theater where they will be considered by the public as a rising and dynamic group of Greek rock. The song Ταξιδιάρα Ψυχή becomes the favorite song of the alternative rock scene.

In the meantime, their relationship with the record label Ano-kato Records is deteriorating. They resigned in 1987 to record alone with the money of a loan their second album Πάρτυ στο 13ο Όροφο (Pàrty sto 13 ° orofo) and are looking for a record company> later. They sign with Virgin and complete their album in the spring of the same year. This album is one of the five best rock records in Greek history. In 1990, they record the album Τρύπες στο Παράδεισο (Trypes sto paràdeiso) and play for the first time outside Greece at Eurockéennes de Belfort> en France. In 1991, they gathered 3,500 people during their first concert at Lykabitto ( = "el"> Λυκαβηττό ). Asklitios Zabetas on guitar becomes the fifth member of the group.

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