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Tue loup

Wolfsbane is a French rock band, originally from the Sarthe countryside and formed in 1995. It takes its name from a locality of the town of Dollon in the Sarthe.

Xavier Plumas, born in 1969, singer and guitarist, is a passionate of letters, which is found in his texts. The other members of the group are Thierry Plouze, born in 1965, on the guitar, Romain Allanot, born in 1977, Xavier's cousin, on drums and percussion, and Stéphane Gosnet, born in 1970, on bass. The latter left the group in 2001, after three albums, and was replaced by Éric Doboka, born in 1967. The simultaneous arrival of Christian Bidal d'Asfeld, born in 1962, the keyboards sign a turning point from the first notes of the Penya album. He leaves the group after Rachel at the Rock. Tue-Loup's career has embraced more than twenty years and several record companies, thus preserving their freedom and independence in creation.

In 2003, the band took the title La Solitude, on the collective album Avec Léo, in tribute to Léo Ferré.

In 2007, Thomas Fiancette succeeds Romain Allanot on drums and follows the album Fish Lake. Drummers Cyril Bilbeaud and Thomas Belhom also play on record and on stage with Tue-Loup.

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