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Turbonegro (Norwegian: is a Norwegian Punk Rock band from Nesodden, Oslo. He mixes Hard Rock and Punk Rock, a mix they call "Deathpunk" . Among the group's influences are Black Flag, Rolling Stones, KISS, Venom, AC / DC, Iggy Pop, Negazione, Circle Jerks, The Ramones, Alice Cooper, and The Stooges.

Formed in 1988 in Nesodden, Oslo, Norway, the band is then composed of Thomas Seltzer nicknamed Happy-Tom, Vegard Heskestad, Pål Bottger Kjærnes, Grønn Rune, Pål Erik Carlin and Tor-Kristian "TK" Jensen. Their first EP titled Turboloid was released the following year in 1989. In September 1989, Turbonegro left for a three-week tour of the United States, which was a disaster following fights and problems of all kinds.

Initially, the group had to choose between Nazipenis or Turbonegro. They are advised that a group with the name Nazipenis would not sell, they choose Turbonegro, name that is still a scandal due to its racist sound, so for their first album, the band's title on the album is marked TRBNGR .

Winter 1990, Turbonegro undergoes his first change of line-up by engaging Harald Fossberg to singing, the latter having a certain reputation on the Norwegian punk scene, as well as Bengt Calmeyer on bass. The group's second album with the new members was released in 1992, entitled Hot Cars and Spent Contraceptives, the CD that marked the premise of the original sound of the group called "deathpunk" . After touring Scandinavia and chaotic Germany, Harald Fossberg left the band for health reasons, and was replaced by Hank von Helvete, the band's most famous and charismatic leader and singer. With the arrival of the new singer, the band decides to give up the name Turbonegro and to be called Stierkampf, with this name they will realize only one EP titled Grunge Whore. In 1994, they take back their original name, and release their second album entitled Never is Forever, announced as a "tribute album to Blue Öyster Cult". It was then that Turbonegro changed his look, adopting faces entirely made of black, and small hats. This look will not last long, not appealing to fans.

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