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Unheilig Unheilig is a German multi-genre group from Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia. Formed in 1999, he focuses on the singer Der Graf (literally "the count" ). The musical style of the band oscillates between electronic rock, electropop and Neue Deutsche Härte.

After earning a reputation on the German Gothic scene, which has resulted in frequent participation in festivals such as the M'era Luna or the Amphi Festival, where he was able to play in front of 25,000 fans, the group is now targeting a larger audience, which has confirmed a thirteenth place obtained in the Media Control Charts in Germany with the studio album Puppenspiel (2008). The group thus plays an important role as ambassador of the German Schwarze Szene (literally, the "black scene" , called dark culture in the English-speaking countries).

The group is also known for its many meetings with fans (especially within the organization Unheilig and Friends) and the fact that it gives autographs for long hours after each concert, often leaving children and disabled first.

The band's first album, Phosphor (2001), has titles in German and English, but on all subsequent albums, the band is limited to German. Their album Zelluloid is released on February 23, 2004, and runs in parallel with Terminal Choice. Unheilig plays other concerts in 2004.

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