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Urge Overkill is an American alternative rock band from Chicago, Illinois. Formed in 1986, he is known for his practice of mockery and provocative attitude. They make themselves famous by their cover of Neil Diamond, Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon, which appears on the soundtrack of the movie Pulp Fiction, which becomes a hit in 1994>.

Kaatrud and Roeser have been playing together since 1982>; in 1985 they formed Urge Overkill - alluding to a phrase in Parliament's Funkentelechy song, with drummer Pat Byrne, met at Northwestern University in Chicago. They proudly claim the Droogs, a fictitious group appearing in Stanley Kubrick's movie Mechanical Orange, among their influences. They released the following year on the label Ruthless Records an EP that will have a very limited success, Strange, I ..., produced by Steve Albini> (Kaatrud's roommate) in a hardcore noise style, which latter became a specialist>, quite in line with other productions of the independent scene of Chicago at the time. Jesus Urge Supersta, another LP produced by the same Albini, was released in 1989 at Touch and Go Records, with Kriss Bataille on drums and always with a chaotic touch.

Their next album, Americruiser, marks an important change in the band's style. Jack "Jaguar" Watt replaces Bataille and the album, produced by Butch Vig (a successful alternative rock producer, including Nirvana's Nevermind to his credit) and influenced by Butthole Surfers marks an important stage of maturity for the group> and is a huge success.

The following albums, including The Supersonic Storybook (1991), the group's biggest hit, are clearly pop rock-oriented. The maxi Stull comes out in 1992, totally by chance, Tarantino discovers him in the bins of a London record shop, is enthusiastic for the cover of Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon so much that he chooses to appear in the soundtrack of his next film>. The group signs at Geffen in 1993>. In the same year, the band released Saturation, in a very classic, even nerdy rock 'n' roll style, which is also found in its successor Exit the Dragon (1995)>.

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