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Uriah Heep ( / jʊraɪə hiːp / ) is a British rock band from London, England. It was formed in 1967 initially under the name of The Stalkers then Spice, before changing to Uriah Heep in 1969. Thanks to albums with notable commercial success, in the 1970s, the group is successful in Great Britain and Europe continental, but less in the United States. His most famous songs are Gypsy, Lady in Black, July Morning, The Wizard, Easy Livin ', Wonderworld, Return to Fantasy and Weep in Silence.

The originality of the group consists of the collaboration between a guitarist with his hard sound (Mick Box), frequently using the pedal wah-wah, a singer with amazing abilities (David Byron), willingly using vibrato, and a keyboardist-guitarist (Ken Hensley), bringing a touch very subtle, melodic, progressive or folk, all enriched by arrangements of choruses.

The title of their first album, Very 'eavy ... Very' umble, is a reference to a recurring phrase ("very 'umble") by Uriah Heep, a character in Charles Dickens' novel David Copperfield, whose group shot his last name. The cover of the disc, with a strange face covered with cobwebs, sets the tone. Gypsy, the song that opens the album with its heavy and effective riff, will remain one of the favorite songs of the public.

The second album, Salisbury, closer to progressive rock, contains a 16-minute piece and is accompanied by an orchestra. One of Salisbury's songs is Lady in Black, probably the best known song of the band. We find Bird of Prey with its very heavy tempo, The Park with delicate atmospheres, Time to Live with the effective riff, but also, High Priestess with accents very close to Yes, another British rock band closer to progressive rock.

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