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UZEB is a Quebec-based jazz fusion band created in Montreal in 1976 and dissolved in 1992. Mixing instrumental virtuosity with modern digital synthesizer timbres, it has produced original jazz fusion compositions.

In 1977, guitarist Michel Cusson and bassist Alain Caron get to know each other and start playing together. Three years later, the drummer Paul Brochu joins the duo, and the St-Eusebe Jazz trio is born, their first concert having taken place on Saint-Eusebe's day, hence the name of the group. The keyboardists Jean Saint-Jacques, Sylvain Coutu, Michel Cyr (in 1980) and Jeff Fisher (who participated in the last tour of Harmonium and subsequently to the album Two hundred nights at the time of Fiori-Séguin in 1978) made part of the group during his early years. In 1987, the group became a trio formed by Michel Cusson, Alain Caron and Paul Brochu: the technology helping, they no longer had recourse to the participation of a keyboardist, choosing instead to use synthesizer effects and keyboards various controlled from their respective instrument - Midi -. In 1980, Alain Caron participated in Diane Tell's album En Flèche, which he also accompanied on tour with the group, the revamped version of his favorite song Gilberto with UZEB jazz. We can find this version on the compilation of Diane Tell released in 1987, entitled Paris - Montreal - Her More Beautiful Songs. There was also a joint tour in Europe following this album with, among others, Stéphane Montanaro on keyboards.

UZEB became a popular band in Quebec in the 1980s. He toured across Canada several times. The group made its first European tour in 1981, and during a concert at the Bracknell Jazz Festival (England), a record of this concert will follow, Live in Bracknell appears in 1984. Then, in 1983, he performs at the Festival Paris, and he recorded a performance at the Olympia de Paris, Live at the Olympia published in 1986. He also performed in other countries in Europe and the Far East in 1990. By cons he has rarely played in the United States. The last album will be the famous World Tour in 1990. After the adventure UZEB, Alain Caron will participate in several projects of artists' records from Quebec, including Celine Dion on his album So much I love ... 1992, Maurane for Ami or enemy in 1991, also the same year, he is invited musicians for She Says Move On of Carole Laure, he is also credited as a bass player on the album Diane Dufresne's major hijacking. However, it is surprising to see her name on Lynda Lemay's albums, "From the rooster to the soul" and "My signature". Caron also played with bassist Michel Donato, the 1992 album Basse contre Basse with Paul Brochu and Don Alias. He also recorded an album with Didier Lockwood and Jean-Marie Ecay, entitled Caron-Ecay-Lockwood in 2001. Michel Cusson meanwhile will write and play for film music or for TV, including the series Omertà, Omertà 2; The Law of Silence and Omertà; The last of the men of honors. He will also write and play other well-known movies and TV series, including Séraphin: A man and his sin in 2002, In a galaxy near you and Monica shot in 2004. In 2012, surprise when Luc Dionne takes over several key actors of the Omertà series, including Michel Côté, Michel Dumont and Paolo Noël alongside new faces like Patrick Huard and René Angélil, of course we find the talent and music of Cusson in this last chapter. He also wrote the music, in 2003, for a song by Isabelle Boulay on a text by Luc Plamondon, From the first day.

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