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Vanden Plas is a German progressive metal band from Kaiserslautern. Active since the mid-1980s, the group takes its name from a Dutch automotive designer.

Andy Kuntz, Stephan Lill and Andreas Lill form the group in 1986> and release a first single entitled Raining in My Heart . They are joined by Günter Werno and Torsten Reichert. The group gets its name from a Dutch automotive designer.

In 1991, in support of the Kaiserslautern football club, Vanden Plas released a single entitled Keep on Running , Andy being the cousin of the international player Stefan Kuntz . After this parenthesis, the group records in 1992 the CD demo Days of Thunder which already receives good reviews from the trade press. Andy, who along with the band has already played in the theater in 1990, perseveres in this direction, which will have an impact on the band as a whole, since it will be alongside the orchestra, participating in many theatrical performances. This artistically enriching experience will also provide the means to self-produce in 1994 their first album, Color Temple , released in France in May 1995. In November that same year, the group gave its first two concerts in France, Paris and Lyon (Arapaho and Glob).

In April 1996, Vanden Plas surprised by the release of the LP Accult , mainly consisting of acoustic covers of the band and standards (Marillion, Ray Charles, Stephan Eicher), and returns to France for a series of successful concerts. The second album, The God Thing , appeared in September 1997, and came to concretize the hopes that had been born Color Temple }. Leaving aside the sometimes hard FM sounds of the first album, Vanden Plas affirms its progressive metal identity. In 1999, the album Far Off Grace continues in the same vein.

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