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Via gra

Alena Vinnitskaya (2000-2003)

Nadejda Granovskaya (2000-2002) (2002-2006) (2009-2011)

Tatiana Naïnik (2002)

Anna Sedokova (2002-2004)

Vera Brejneva (2003-2007)

Svetlana Loboda (2004)

Albina Dzhanabaeva (2004-2012)

Kristina Kots-Gotlib (2006)

Olga Koryagina (2006-2007)

Meseda Bagaudinova (2007-2009)

Tatiana Kotova (2008-2010)

Eva Bushmina (2010-2012)

Santa Dimopulos (2011-2012)

VIA Gra is a Ukrainian female musical group, created in 1999. The group is called Nu Virgos in Europe.

In December 2012, their producer and composer Konstantin Meladze announces the end of the VIA Gra project. Then he added that he will develop a new reality TV project in the form of Nouvelle Star, which consists of electing the new members of the group, with the jury of great figures of the old Nu virgos. The big winners of Khotchu v VIA Gru (Russian: "Хочу V ВИА Гру" , "I want to integrate VIA Gra") were elected in November 2013 while Dmytro Kostiuk, the second producer with whom he comes into conflict, is launching his new group himself. The two men are currently fighting over their rights over the VIA Gra name in court. This conflict gives birth to two different trios.

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