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Viikate is a Finnish heavy metal band from Kouvola. He is known for his melancholy lyricism, drawing his inspiration from Finnish films, among others. The group is formed by Kaarle and Simeoni Viikate who remained the only members until 2001, when Arvo and Ervo joined the group. The best-known Viikate songs are Ei ole ketään kelle soittaa, Leimu, and Pohjoista Viljaa. They sing exclusively in Finnish.

Viikate was formed in 1996 in Kouvola by guitarist Kaarle Viikate (Kalle Virtanen) and drummer Simeoni Viikate (Simo Kayristola) at the annual Ilosaarirock rock festival in Yoensuu. Their first mini-albums Vaiennut Soitto and Roudasta Rospuuttoon are published on the Syyslevyt label. In 1999, they signed a contract with the Ranka Recordings label, and released their first studio album, Noutajan Valssi in 2000. In 2005, the band was joined by guitarist Arvo Viikate (Ari Tayminen) and bassist Hervo Viikate (Erkka Koskinen) .

The group plays mainly in Finland, but also internationally and especially at the festival Naapurivisa>, and St. Petersburg, Russia at the festival Ilosaarirock>. In March 2005, they participate in the Tuska Open Air>. In 2007 released their new album Marraskuun Lauluja 2>, preceded the same year by Marraskuun Lauluja.

They take part in the 2012 Sea Festival, organized on 19 and 20 January 2012>. The same year, in March, Viikate publishes a video of his song Petäjäveräjä, from their album of the same name, Petäjäveräjä announced on March 28, 2012 via Spinefarm Records>. In 2016 released the album XII - Kouvostomolli to the label Spinefarm >>>.

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