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Vildhjarta is a Swedish progressive metal band from Hudiksvall. The name of the group, comes from a Swedish edition of Dungeons and Dragons of the same name. Vildhjärta with umlauts means "wild heart" in Swedish.

Strongly influenced by their Meshuggah compatriots, their style is aggressive, characterized by minor harmonic progressions, unstructured guitar passages, intermittent screams between death metal and hardcore, as well as soft and melancholic atmospheres. The sound of the drums is also very complex. They were signed by Century Media Records in the summer of 2011.

The group was formed in 2005 by Daniel Bergström, Johan Nyberg and Jimmie Åkerström in Hudiksvall, Sweden. The group quickly made a name for itself for its clear influence with the Meshuggah style and the growing success of groups like Periphery, Tesseract or Animals as Leaders. Vildhjarta is also taking the next step by bringing together other musicians with Daniel Ädel (vocals), Robert Luciani (vocals), Calle Thomer (guitar) and David Lindkvist (drums) who bring their ideas and allow groups to move away from his influences. Vildhjarta took about five years to build their musical style. Thus, a first single Omnislash appears in 2009>. But it is really in 2010 that the adventure takes a new turn by participating in the Euroblast 2010, playing alongside big names in the scene djent (Monuments, Aliases, Eryn Non Dae and Uneven Structure)> and also announcing dedicate yourself to writing the first album.

In 2011, Vilhelm Bladin replaces Robert Luciani and Vildhjarta signs at Century Media Records and confirms his presence at the Euroblast 2011 to leave Måsstaden at the end of the year. To prepare for the promotion of their first opus, the group decided to launch two video clips, Benblåst and Dagger, almost later, which revealed their dark and crazy environment to the general public. Their first opus, Måsstaden, is a concept album "tells the story of a hidden and isolated city, told like a fable". They owe their inspirations to the Moomin and The Jungle Book >>>. He is well received by the specialized press. On April 20, 2012, Jimmie Åkerström left the group. The band goes on a European tour with Veil of Maya, Volumes and Structures in May the same year.

At the end of 2012, the group announces a new EP titled "Thousands of Evils" , which will be released on September 30, 2013 in Europe.

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