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Vintersorg is a Swedish folk black metal band from Skellefteå. The group bears the pseudonym of its composer and lead singer, Andreas Hedlund. Hedlund also sings in Otyg, Borknagar, Havayoth, Fission, Cronian, and Waterclime groups.

The group was originally formed in 1994 under the name Vargatron (literally "The Wolf Throne" )>. The goal was then to integrate in black metal unpublished elements: clear vocals and acoustic guitar in particular. The texts, written in Swedish, are inspired by heroic fantasy, mythology, nature, and the cosmos. Vintersorg means "winter sorrow" , but the name is chosen from a series of novels by Margit Sandemo, Isfolket, in which Vintersorg is the son of a great chef pagan.

Mr. Vintersorg writes everything, music and lyrics. The composition of the group is fluctuating, some musicians do not understand the approach, others are too busy elsewhere. After recording a demo in the summer of 1996, Mr. Vintersorg decided to continue the adventure alone, giving his name to the project. From now on, he will take care of everything: vocals, guitar, bass, and keyboards. In the summer of 1998, he recorded Hedniskhjärtad, a mini-album (or (EP) released by Napalm Records, and the same year Till Fjälls was released.The album Ödemarkens was released the following year, with more pronounced folk influences. with nature-oriented texts With Vintersorg's Cosmic Genesis in 2000, his style has evolved towards more progressive and experimental atmospheres, incorporating several vocal styles as well, and texts are now written in English. More philosophical, metaphysical, astronomical and astrological themes, Vintersorg also thanks Carl Sagan in the booklet of Cosmic Genesis.To make this album, Vintersorg calls on guitarist friend Mattias Marklund and will remain a full member of group, although Mr. Vintersorg continues to compose everything.

In February 2002, the group is working on its new album Visions from the Spiral Generator>, which offers an even more progressive style. Vintersorg shows a willingness to offer a more melodic music retaining the energy of metal, but passing through other means than just speed and punch. The texts are now entirely dedicated to the cosmos, from mathematics to physics. Outside musicians are once again invited to participate in the album, as Steve DiGiorgio (bass) or Asgeir Mickelson (drums) Borknagar group. This album knows a big success in the progressive rock environment. Also in 2002, the group plays at the Play Popstad Festival, held in Sweden on February 9, alongside Entombed>.

In January 2004, Vintersorg is confirmed for the Dong Open Air, held on July 16 and 17 in Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany>.

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