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Vital remains

Vital Remains is an American death metal band from Providence, Rhode Island.

Vital Remains is formed in 1988 as a group of blackened death metal> by guitarist Paul Flynn, the first line-up of Vital Remains consists of guitarist Butch Machado, singer Mike Flynn, bassist Tom Supkow, and drummer Chris Dupont>. Looking for better musicians, they hire a new guitarist, Tony Lazaro and singer Jeff Gruslin. The band is becoming popular in the local death metal scene.

Soon after its formation, the group grazes some demos ( "Reduced to Ashes " in 1989>, Excruciating Pain 6 May 1990"), leading to a contract with the French label Thrash Records, which, in turn, released The Black Mass in 1991. Shortly after the release of single, their first album at the label, they then sign the label Peaceville>. Two more albums follow, "Let Us Pray" in 1992, and Into Cold Darkness < / span> in 1995. However, as a result of poor distribution and lack of promotion by the label, the group demands the termination of its contract. At this time, in 1997, the founder of the group, Paul Flynn leaves Vital Remains. After ten years of separation, he returned to the band and founded Godless Rising, an oldschool death metal band with singer Jeff Gruslin. They quickly sign to the Pathos Productions label for a self-financed album, through which they will get a contract with Moribund Records. For lack of promotion and financial, Paul also drops this project.

Two years later, in 1999, the band signed a two-year contract with the French label Osmose Records. To complete the line-up (at the same time during which the drummer, bassist and guitarist places were vacant), Dave Suzuki is engaged. He fulfills all the requirements. The group manages to commercialize the album Forever Underground in 1997. The singer Thorns (Timothy Donovan), who performed the song for Dawn of the Apocalypse , is later returned from the group. The departure of Thorns leads the band to audition in 2003, Deicide singer Glen Benton. the first album of the group with Benton, Dechristianize , is marketed in 2003. The following album, Icons of Evil , released in 2007. Vital Remains also releases its first live DVD, Evil-Death-Live , the same year, in Europe on July 9th, and in the United States on July 31st at Metal Mind Productions>.

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