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War from a harlots mouth

War from a harlots mouth War from a Mouth Harlots is a German mathcore group, originally from Berlin. Formed in 2005, the band has been on indefinite break since 2013. The band is known for bringing in its compositions many influences ranging from death metal to jazz, from military music to mathcore.

War from a Harlots Mouth (WFAHM) was formed in 2005. After the change of several members including their bassist, drummer and one of their guitarists, they released a first EP in June 2006 shot only 50 copies and entitled Falling Upstairs . The same year they released a split with Molotov Solution.

In 2007, WFAHM participates in the Dying Fetus War of Attrition tour with other bands such as Skinless or Cattle Decapitation. They also participate in Never Say Die! Fest with Ion Dissonance, Dead to Fall and Through the Eyes of the Dead. Also in 2007, the band joined the Lifeforce Records team, which signed their first album "Transmetropolitan" . The group is then noticed by the voice of voice extremely loud of the singer Steffan Gewohnt, thing then as rare in this kind as the incorporation of jazzy elements. In September, WFAHM joins the groups The Ocean and Intronaut in their European tour. Shortly after, the singer leaves the group and is replaced by that of The Ocean, Nico Webers. With this one as crier, they go on a promotional tour for with Transingropolitan accompanied by Burning Skies.

In 2008, they play with Psyopus, Left to Vanish and Fuck the Facts during the Grinding Into Cataclysim Tour then release another split CD with the band Dead Flesh Fashion. The group announces on January 28, 2009 the forthcoming release of their second album In Shoals during their participation in the Trash and Burn European Tour . WFAM releases their third album entitled MMX on October 29, 2010. The album, praised by the critics, is first made available to listeners. streaming even before any paid out (physical or iTunes). In June 2012, the band joined the Dailyhero Recordings studios in Berlin to record their fourth album planned for late 2012 to their new label, Season of Mist>. The album, entitled Voyeur , was released in October 2012>. The group is paused indefinitely in August 2013>.

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