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Watcha is a French nude metal band from Paris, Ile-de-France. Formed in December 1994, the group has more than 2,000 concerts to its credit. There are also five studio albums in total including Watcha in 1998, Veliki Cirkus in 2000, Mutant in 2003, Phénix in 2005, and Falling by The Wayside in 2007.

Two students in engineering school in the Paris region, Frédéric "Fred" Duquesne (guitar) and Butcho "Bob" Vukovic (singing), meet in 1994 and decide to form a group>. The group is formed in December 1994>. Without bassist or drummer, the duo quickly signs a model with the means of his school. After making an announcement in Paris, Emmanuel "Manu" Ferrantini (guitar), Jean-Pierre (bass) and Elder (drums) join the band. They play together the Parisian rehearsal halls, work hard, and record their first demo in January 1995 in a fusion funk metal style.

In 1995, the group took the name of Watcha, word found at random in an English dictionary. Elder decides to leave the group to go to Portugal and is replaced by Jacques "Keuj" Sahuguede, then drummer of a parallel group of Bob (Technical Industry of Metal) composed of Bob, from Keuj, Julien "Pendulum" Grunberg, Bruno Mazurczak and Olivier Firmin.

The band leaves for a series of concerts whose culminating point is the Czech rock festival in Trutnov in 1996. The following year, Jean-Pierre leaves the ship (for musical reasons) and is replaced by Pendule, then bassist of the parallel group of Butcho (TIM).

It's time to put the compositions on tape, and Watcha returns to the studio in 1998 with Phil Chambin on production for a month and a half. Follows first opus, eponymous for some, or Welcome Home for others. Two years later, in 2000, Watcha signs Veliki Cirkus, an album that raises the band to the highest level of French nude metal, followed by Mutant (2003), which is much more melodic and more elaborate than its predecessors.

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