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White Zombie is an American heavy metal band from New York. Formed in 1985, the band was disbanded in 1998 by Rob Zombie to pursue a solo career. In 2000, White Zombie is listed in the Top 100 VH1 Band at 56> Place>.

Rob Zombie started his career as a musician in 1985 by creating (with Sean Yseult, which he will play on bass) the band White Zombie, a hybrid band combining rock, punk and heavy metal. The group is influenced by Zombie's passion (first called Rob "Dirt" Straker) for old horror movies (he was also in an audiovisual school in New York) and all the related culture>. Rob Zombie, as a leader, was in charge of everything in the group when it came to designing covers, videos, t-shirts, and concerts.

Their first production Gods On Voodoo Moon , a four-track single shot of 300 copies, was released in 1985> on Silent Explosion, an independent label created by the group, only after one month of training. The White Zombie of the beginning has nothing to do with that known, the titles of this single are a mix of metal and punk-rock with psychedelic guitars. The band is composed of Rob Straker on vocals, Sean Yseult on bass, Ena Kostabi on guitar and Peter Landau on drums. The legend says that only a hundred of this single would have been sold and that Rob would still have 200 at home. They then produce a second single in 1986, still on Silent Explosion, entitled Pig Heaven / Slaughter the Gray , with two presses of 500 copies >> >. Ena Kostabi and Peter Landau are replaced. Tim Jeff takes the guitar and Ivan Prume the drums. Their first EP, Psychohead Blowout (1000 copies>), was released at the Silent Explosion label in May 1987. This time the guitar is held by Tom Guay.

Their debut album was released in November 1987. Titled Soul Crusher , it is published on Silent Explosion with 2,000 copies>, then reissued by Caroline Records. It will be edited in vinyl and cassette. This album is available on pirate CD> with PsychoHead Blowout .

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