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Wig Wam is a Norwegian glam metal band founded in 2001 inspired by the style of American rock bands of the 1980s.

The Wig Wam group is formed in 2001>. The four band members were already active and recognized in the world of music, each having had various solo or group experiences. The group begins its career by multiplying the concerts. In spite of their true Norwegian origins, the band romance its story by claiming to have formed on April 1, 1970, in the Bronx, "the Polish quarter of New York". They claim to have published the following years several albums including The Black and Red Album in 1974, and The Yellow Purple Brown and Black Album in 1975, each sold several hundred copies. The legend also states that the group emigrates to Norway in 1976.

Wig Wam finally publishes his first album, entitled 667 ... The Neighbor of the Beast , in Norway and Sweden, in 2004, at the Global label Import Music >>>. The album includes among others a revival of Mel's tube I Turn to You . C, former member of the Spice Girls>.

Wig Wam is competing in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest, but the group finished third in the Norwegian preseason, losing to singer Knut Anders Sørum, who finished last in the Eurovision Song Contest. The group leader, Glam, also took part in the solo preselections in 1998 under the pseudonym G'sten, and finished third.

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