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Wilco is a contemporary American rock band from Chicago, Illinois. The group was born from the ashes of the American alternative group Uncle Tupelo in 1994. The band's composition has evolved frequently during its first years of existence, only the leader and singer Jeff Tweedy and the bassist John Stirratt being there since origin. Since 2004, Wilco has stabilized as a sextet with, in addition to Tweedy and Stirratt, Nels Cline on guitar, Glenn Kotche on percussion, multi-instrumentalist Pat Sansone and pianist Mikael Jorgensen. Wilco has released ten studio albums, a live double album and albums in collaboration with Billy Bragg and The Minus 5.

Wilco is the abbreviation of "comply".

When Jay Farrar left Uncle Tupelo, Jeff Tweedy would have liked to continue under that name. Farrar would then have asked him not to do it, which Tweedy would have answered: "Wilco" (I will comply).

In addition, the group is from Illinois, where there are "Wilco" petrol stations. One of them may have inspired Jeff Tweedy for the band's name.

After a first album, A.M., in line with Uncle Tupelo's records, Wilco is going to take an important turning point when he releases Being There, an ambitious double album that combines country, soul, pop and of course rock. After a collaboration with Billy Bragg and the release of Mermaid Avenue, an album that puts Woody Guthrie's mostly unpublished lyrics to music, the band will still change their sound by releasing a highly pop-influenced album. that Brian Wilson , Summerteeth, would probably not deny. The next album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, is a huge critical hit and some journalists compare it to Radiohead disk experiments .

The number of Wilco fans will increase dramatically from this moment on, even outside of his native America. Wilco's next album stage is A Ghost Is Born and mixes both the pop penchant that could be found on Summerteeth and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot's experiments. He won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Record. In 2005, the band released a double live album Kicking Television which shows that he is not only comfortable in a studio but also one of the best scene groups of the moment >. In May 2007 spell Sky Blue Sky, worn by critical launters .

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