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Wir sind helden

Wir Sind Helden is a German rock band. Unlike many German bands singing in English, the Wir Sind Helden speak German and offer funny and realistic texts inspired by their own experiences. The song Aurélie mischievously describes the difficulties of a young French woman living in Germany to overcome cultural differences, especially in the field of love.

The band formed in 2000 with Pola Roy and Jean-Michel Tourette>.

True phenomenon (the singer Nena does not hesitate to wear T-shirts "Wir sind Helden"), the band became known by ranking in the best sales in Germany in 2002 with the single Guten Tag>. The sales of this single fly off quickly after the broadcast of the show Die Harald Schmidt Show where Judith Holofernes was the main guest. He reached the> place of the German charts>.

A year later, the album Die Reklamation was published, which quickly ranked in the top 6> place of sales until reaching the second place. The album is one of the best sellers of the years 2003 and 2004. The second album of the group Von yesterday an blind took the head of the best sales very quickly, a week after its release, it was already ranked first.

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