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The World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. ( WWE ) is a publicly traded US company >, specializing in the organization of entertainment events, mainly wrestling and in the management of television / cinematic media, music and internet rights, and derivative products associated with these events.

WWE is currently the largest wrestling company in the world, reaching 15 million weekly viewers in the United States and broadcasting in over 30 languages ​​in more than 145 countries.

The company was first named Capitol Wrestling Corporation in 1952, then World Wide Wrestling Federation ( WWWF ) in 1963 and later World Wrestling Federation ( WWF ) in 1980. In 2002, after a trial with the World Wildlife Fund , WWF renames itself "=>"> World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

The WWE is currently divided into two "branches", two "main rosters" composed of the most popular wrestlers of the federation that are Raw and SmackDown , 205 Male only live show for medium weight and NXT , the club-school of the federation.

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