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The X-Ecutioners is an American hip-hop band from New York, NY. The band formed in 1989, and currently consists of the three DJs Total Eclipse, DJ Boogie Blind, and DJ Precision. The first members of the group were Mista Sinista, Rob Swift, and Roc Raida (who died in September 2009 during a krav maga class)

The band was formed in New York in 1989 by Roc Raida, Steve D, Johnny Cash, and Sean Cee. Band members Mista Sinista, Rob Swift, Total Eclipse, and Roc Raida are known in the hip-hop scene for their DJing style, and their collaborations with renowned bands and artists such as Organized Konfusion, Broad Professor, Beatnuts , and Artifacts>. They initially chose the name X-Men, partly because of their rivalry with the Super Clark Kent group known as Supermen. However, they change their name because of the copyright infringement with Marvel, and sign to the Asphodel label in 1997>. After the change of name of the band, the remaining members, Rob Swift, Roc Raida, Total Eclipse and Mista Sinista (name inspired by the Mister Sinister character of the Marvel comics), publish their first album X-Pressures , 23 September 1997>.

On January 29, 2002, the band released their second album, Built from Scratch . The album reaches the 15> place of the American ranking>. Built from Scratch is followed on April 8, 2003 by another album Scratchology , which reaches the musical rankings>. On June 8, 2004, they published the album Revolutions , which reached the 118> place of the American ranking Billboard 200>.

Sinista leaves the band after the release of the album Built from Scratch , then Rob Swift follows the same path in 2005, for personal and artistic reasons . The group expresses little on the departure of the latter. Nevertheless, the last word of the group is to announce the arrival of two new members, DJ Boogie Blind and DJ Precision>. In 2007, Rob Swift, Total Eclipse and Precision formed the group Ill Insanity.

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